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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Cool Bus go?

  • Sitka Cruise Terminal (no waiting in line- coming or going).

  • Downtown (Castle Hill, St. Michael's Cathedral (Russian Orthodox Church), shops, restaurants, etc.)

  • Sitka Sound Science Center

  • Sheldon Jackson Museum

  • Sitka National Historical Park/Totem Park (Including the Russian Bishop's House)

  • The Alaska Raptor Center

  • Harbor Mountain Brewery

  • Sawmill Creek Plaza/Northern Lights

  • Fortress of the Bear

  • Local Trailheads (upon request)

Can't I just walk?

Many of the local attractions are over a mile away from where the free shuttle delivers cruise passengers. Sitka is walkable, but it takes time to locate all the sites and walk from one to the next. We can help you maximize your time in Sitka and stay dry, regardless of the weather!  Don't you deserve to have a stress-free time while you're on vacation?

What if I don't get back to the shuttle stop on time?

Call us at 907-623-7267. We will come back and get you as soon as we are able (typically within 10 minutes).

Do I need a car seat?

Our bus is a former school bus and has built in booster seats designed to safely transport children age 3 & up.

Is the Cool Bus Handicapped Accessible?

Yes.  We can transport scooters, wheelchairs, walkers and all types of gear including bicycles.  We have a lift, as well as a spacious cargo hold.

What makes Sitka Rides/the Cool Bus so special?

We know Sitka; we live here year-round. We like answering questions. We care about the quality of your experience; enough to give you our phone number. We give you the power to plan your own day while insuring you get where you want to go.

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